Hey, all...

So, I just posted a new drawing (in the "ILLUSTRATION" section of the PORTFOLIO). I've been playing with the idea for a new storyline for a bit now and this is one of the depictions. A friend of mine wanted to hire me to illustrate him as a"Viking-like warrior wielding a huge axe". I made the original drawing (which I will post ASAP) and we both liked it so much that I decided to make a shirt design (which is what is posted now). I may decide to turn this into an actual comic in the future. But, as I've been given the opportunity to draw another comic for "Bible" (Samson & Delilah this time) and I'm still trying to finish "Gods of the New Empire" Book 2, the chances of this becoming a reality in the next few years are slim. But let me know what you think; it may be sooner than I think.





Hey everyone... I'm back from Europe and finally finished my latest project. It's my first commisioned comic book (my take on David & Goliath). So check it out, whydontcha? It's in the PORTFOLIO section.

Also, I've just finished some original sketch cards for the "Zombies vs. Cheerleaders" series that will be auctioned for the March of Dimes. They're available to view in the PORTFOLIO section, too - under ILLUSTRATION.

I've got a few more irons in the fire right now, so I'll be uploading a sharing new art as often as I can.




 How do you like our new look?

Sweet, huh?


There's a bunch of new stuff. New comics. New art. It's all here.

And I promise to do my very best to keep new art and books coming at a steady pace.

So, look around. Let us know what you think.



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